Latest Makeup Trends Autumn 2016 clean f

7 Apr

Latest Makeup Trends Autumn 2016
clean fresh dewy skin, lots of lashings of Mascara, #mikatvonk # collagen mascara dark blood red lips


Snow White apple red—as true as it gets.

11 Feb

Snow White apple red—as true as it gets.

This is the lip color that is the hype of Summer/ Spring 2016.
#mikatvonk Rich Red is the go as long it is applied very precisely says Jay Jay @Makeupschoolsydney. otherwise just dap it on the lips like a lip stain

Makeup Tips liquid eyeliner by MIKATVONK

5 Jan

Makeup Tips liquid eyeliner by MIKATVONK
Use a liquid eyeliner brush flat to the eye . apply a sharpe, diagonal winged eyeliner.
1/ Tip of the brush facing outward.
2/ Apply the brush flat to the eye in a diagonal, just past outer eye corner.
3/ Do not let the winged eyeliner dip in the center of the eye, make it one diagonal line. from thick to thin.
4/Asian ladies the diagonal liner is from thick to thick.

Natural is a style part 2

9 Nov

Naturel is a style
Step 3/ Contour the face with a bronzing powder, to make the face oval.
Imagine an oval shape in your own face and bronze out side of the oval line.
Hair line, temples, under the cheek bones, side of jaw line or under chin.
Less is always more.

“Natural is a style”part 2

8 Nov

Natural is a style continued #Mikatvonk #makeup
Step1/ Apply a small amount of hydrating foundation on the face and eyelids,blend well.
Step 2/ Apply small amount of powder on the face with a large powder brush, avoiding cheek bones and nose bone to leave a healthy glow to the skin.
To be continued

“Natural is a Style”

7 Nov

“Natural is a Style”
How to create healthy glow makeup with #mikatvonk #makeup
Step 1/ Use Anti wrinkle primer blend well all over the face.
Step 2/ Conceal with bb cover foundation under the eyes, avoiding the outer corner where one can have laughter lines.
to be continued

Spring is in the air, freshen up your wi

18 Sep

Spring is in the air, freshen up your winter face with dewy skin.
Exfoliate your skin at least once a week, remove all dead skin cells, drink plenty of water, use a good moisturiser.
Prime your face with Anti wrinkle primer from MIKATVONK and refine your pores.